A Jubilant June

Another month gone by…can you believe it?! June was a super busy one for me, so here’s the run-down!

I found my way back at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center at the first of the month to continue my training. I dislike being 6.5+ hours away from my family and friends, but my training is at its best when I’m at the OTC. I’m under the watchful eye of my trainers, I have access to Sports Med and treatment/recovery and I’m able to use the push track- the most sport specific tool we currently have. Not to mention, there are zero distractions in this small town!

AUFH Class of 2010 represent! (minus one Anne-Meike de Wiljes...we missed you Annie!)

AUFH Class of 2010 represent! (minus one Anne-Meike de Wiljes…we missed you Annie!)

Just two weeks later, I drove down to DC for my best friend’s wedding! Alyssa and I were college field hockey teammates and roommates and she asked me to be her Maid of Honor on her big day. Naturally, I said YES! and I couldn’t wait for the date! The wedding weekend included a bachelorette party at Nats Park for a Washington Nationals game with friends from every area of her life! It was a great group and we had an awesome time getting to know one another!  Naturally, Alyssa looked absolutely stunning on her wedding day and her groom, Will, looked very handsome. The wedding venue- the Carnegie Institute for Science- was gorgeous and served as an awesome space for the ceremony and reception. We all ate, drank and danced the night away! I had so much fun celebrating Alyssa & Will and had a fabulous time catching up with several of my former teammates who were in attendance!

The women's skeleton athletes before the Gala

The women’s skeleton athletes before the Gala

Right after the wedding, I zipped back up to Lake Placid to get my training in on Monday and to re-pack: it was off to Colorado Springs for National Team Camp! I turned out to be another long travel day for this chick, including a 3am shuttle to the Albany airport. Due to all of the travel and lack of sleep from the weekend and days prior, I actually ended up getting sick for most of the camp. I had fever, headache and sinus issues for most of the week which is never fun. But I made the most of the situation (and took LOTS of ibuprofen/Tylenol) and enjoyed myself all the same. A few highlights of our very busy schedule included rock climbing at the Garden of the Gods, a reception at the Penrose Center and an annual gala at the end of the camp with all of our teammates, coaches, board members and sponsors.

However, one of the most enjoyable- and hilarious- parts of camp involved boat building. With cardboard. And Duct tape.

The coaches and athletes were split into teams and given 45 minutes to collect cardboard and construct a boat that would need to make it down to the end of the pool and back without sinking. It turned out to be a great exercise in teamwork and laughter and honestly it’s better if I stop now and you click here to watch the video our media team put together highlighting the event. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

My teammates and I in the most obnoxious red, white & blue gear we could find. Hilary is in the grey t-shirt!

My teammates and I in the most obnoxious red, white & blue gear we could find. Hilary is in the grey t-shirt!

After an almost week in Colorado Springs, I hopped back on a plane east-coast bound to Lake Placid. I’m restarting the training block (since I didn’t train while I out in Colorado because I was sick) and I had about one day to prepare for the WOMEN’S WORLD CUP!  My friends and I grabbed our USA gear and drove to Montreal for the game on Tuesday and it was seriously the most epic event ever. The stadium was packed, the game was intense and we even snapped a pic with 2014 Silver Medalist Hilary Knight (Women’s Ice Hockey) who was sitting two rows away from us!

After the World Cup game, things will cool down for about two weeks before I head down to Jacksonville, FL for the Adecco CEO for One Month Bootcamp! I fly out on July 12 for a 5-day boot camp to compete for the internship! It should be an awesome week and I can’t wait to meet the other finalists, the Adecco family and to soak up all the information I can!

Thanks for following, and I’ll keep everyone posted about the bootcamp!