The May Mash-Up

Hello friends!

I can’t believe how quickly May has flown by!

Just look at that sweet little face…this little man has stolen my heart!

I spent May down in Hampton, VA with my twin brother, sister-in-law and adorrrrable nephew!  I chased after this little wild thing, I pushed him on every swing set we encountered and helped him climb ALL THE THINGS. I had an amazing time with my twin brother and his little family and I know I’ll cherish this time spent with them. I also used this time to try and solidify my spot as favorite Aunt/Uncle; the competition is pretty stiff, but “Ansa” (let’s be honest, he’s not going to be able to pronounce Aunt Savannah until he’s like 6) took a pretty good crack at it.

At the very end of the month, I drove home to un-pack/re-pack, pick up some stuff, and nab an orthodontist appointment (because: adult braces) on Monday morning.  After a quick meeting following my appointment, I hopped back in my car to drive back up to Lake Placid to continue summer training.  The drive was ridiculously rainy and long, especially considering I had driven 5 hours the day before.

And just a little fun fact: I hate car rides, which is hilarious considering how much I [like to] travel.

About 2.5 hours in I’m usually screaming at other cars (like they can hear my tirades behind my closed windows) while pulling my hair out and wishing my radio worked.  As if continuous, unstaticky music would quiet my rage.  Clearly, I need to practice more yoga and learn more patience.

Also, sorry to “bury the lede,” but I found out some big news toward the end of May! I am a finalist for the Adecco CEO for a Month internship! Over 2,100 individuals applied for this incredible opportunity with Adecco, who is the world’s largest Fortune 500 staffing & HR company!  In July, I’ll join the seven other extremely talented finalists down in Jacksonville, FL for a week-long boot camp, at the end of which one of us will be selected to be mentored for a month by Bob Crouch, the CEO of Adecco North America. I’m so, so excited to be a part of this incredible experience and I honestly can’t wait to meet the other finalists and the rest of the Adecco family!

Thanks for following, and stay tuned for more!