2014: The Wrap-Up

So this feels a day late and a dollar short but…

…I’m a National Champ!

The podium! Sam Culiver in second, Sherri Emery in 3rd.

The podium! Sam Culiver in second, Sherri Emery in 3rd.

This past weekend concluded the 2014 U.S. Skeleton National Championships in Lake Placid, NY and I’m pumped to announce that I won!  I also set the new track record!  Click here to check out the press release from the Federation.

Honestly it was a pretty great way to end the season. I was pretty bummed that I had missed out on qualifying for Sochi, but capping my season with this title- and most importantly setting a new track record!- will give me a lot of motivation for this summer when it comes to off-training and preparing for next season.

I finished this season in 10th place overall on the Intercontinental Cup, the highest U.S. finisher for this tour.  I set new personal records on every track that I revisited AND set new push PR’s everywhere as well.  I am so, so happy with my progress and cannot wait for next season to begin (well, I’d like a little time off first)!

So what’s next?

Well, for now I’m currently at home relaxing and taking a well-needed break from workouts and sliding and my body is pretty happy about it.  I’ll pick up off-season again in about another week or so, after I get my wisdom chompers out tomorrow (wish me luck…I HATE needles!).  I get about two months at home before I move back up to Lake Placid again in May.  So friends and family, let me know what you’re up to so we can hang out!  Thanks again to everyone for all of the continuous support and encouragement over the course of this season.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the kind words and motivation…it really helps!!

On to the next season, let’s make some new gains! And as always, thanks for following!


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