North American Cup: Whistler (at long last!)

Another race series down! So sorry for the delay of the update! Life just got crazy! I got home from the airport at 2am and spent the next day running errands.  Then I drove up to Lake Placid for a few days for some sled work (and unscheduled sliding!) and then drove back home.  It was a busy, busy week and once I finally got home I needed a few days to decompress and just relax!  I spent a solid 2 days in my PJs, read an entire book and caught up on some TV shows I had missed.  It was awesome!

Anyway, here are the results from race #5, #6 and #7!

I had a great training day leading up to our first race- I had a PR (56.29) on a slow push and a not so great run.  I made some mistakes in areas that are key for speed, so I knew that as long as I cleaned those up and made sure to push hard at the start, I’d be in good shape!

USA Women after our first run down Whistler!

USA Women after our first run down Whistler!

Race #5:  Had a pretty good push and decent first run. I was sitting in a great position and was ready to move up after second run.  Unfortunately my second run was a disaster.  It felt like someone possessed my sled and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t go where I drove it.  Obviously it was something I did and it was the very worst run I had all week.  Needless to say, I dropped off the podium after that run and I think I finished 8th….it was that bad and I was not a happy camper.

Race #6:  This race day saw muuuch colder ice than we had seen all week.  The ice was like glass and was harder, meaning your runner cuts into the ice less which heightens the potential to skid or be out of control.  I was a little tentative at the start this race, and my pushes were much worse but I was much more consistent and finished my second run a tenth faster than the first, putting me into 4th place!  I was a little bummed I didn’t score another PR (I want that 55 sec run!) since the ice was supreme but again I made a mistake in a crucial area for speed.

Race #7 Podium

Race #7 Podium

Race #7: Our last race!  Again I was looking for consistency and a PR this go-round and at least succeeded with one of two goals.  My runs were within .04 of each other, good enough for a 3rd place finish and my second podium of the year!

Overall it’s been an incredible experience. I’m pleased with my results and proud of myself for confidently sliding one of the toughest, fastest tracks in the world.  Team USA did a great job at embracing the challenge at hand and giving Whistler their best efforts. I’m excited to see the gains we’ve made as we move forward and return to old tracks and go and slide new ones!

Happy Holidays! See ya in 2013!