The Round-up…and some BIG news!

First of all….19 days til we’re officially back on the ice!

And I seriously can’t wait!  Okay, so here’s what’s been going on:

Mirror Lake

1.  Winter is coming!  Sorry… that was a little melodramatic but I’ve been reading Game of Thrones and I’ve been waiting to drop that line for weeks.  What I meant to say is that fall is in the air and is evident by all the leaves changing color and the dip in temperature.  I’ve had the fortune of hiking Whiteface Mountain and the back of Mt. Van Hoevenberg (which is where the bobsled track is) and the colors were stunning.  It’s transitioned into such a beautiful autumn and I feel very fortunate to be able to experience the season.

2.  Testing!  I finally took my combine test this week and am happy to say that I passed.  We have to do testing at the beginning of every season in order to be eligible to slide and compete.  The combine test includes a sprint portion, broad jump, shot toss and lifting portion consisting of a 3 rep max back squat and 1 rep max power clean.  I trained so, so hard over the summer and was happy to see some PR’s even if testing as a whole didn’t completely go as planned.

3.  Home!  I traveled home last week for just under a week to visit one last time before the season kicks off because until team trials is over, you have no idea where you’re going on tour or when you’ll be able to go home next.  It was super busy, filled with meetings, appointments and such but I got to visit with friends & family (and my dog Boris!), eat home-cooked food, ride the rollercoasters at Hersheypark and most importantly…

4.  THE BIG NEWS!  While at home, I met with Four Seasons Produce, Inc. and I am incredibly excited to announce that they have come on board as my major sponsor!  One of the largest independent produce wholesalers in the country, Four Seasons Produce, Inc. utilizes ethical business practices and has many ties with the community where I am from.  Their generosity will greatly reduce the financial burden I face this season and will allow me to focus solely on training and sliding.  I so look forward to working with Four Seasons because of their kindness and their emphasis on core values.  To learn more about their company and vision, you can visit their website at:

Well thats about it for now!  I’ll be prepping the rest of this week for Push Championships this Saturday and then gearing up for our first day on the ice! Thanks for following!