Some crazy lacrosse players…

If this post comes out a little less than coherent– my apologies.  I just got my butt (we’ll keep this PG) kicked from today’s workouts and I’m mentally and physically exhausted.  I’m laying in my bed hoping that I’ll be able to move tomorrow morning!

Anyway, most days after training I work as a server at The Dancing Bears, a restaurant in downtown Lake Placid.  A few weeks ago, there was a big lacrosse tournament in town and I had the fortune of serving a group of 6 crazy lacrosse players who definitely helped make the night go by faster!

These guys were great sports and had a lot of questions for me when they found out that I’m on the National Skeleton team and that I’m training to hopefully compete in the Winter Olympic Games someday.

Now, I promised these guys that I would update my blog to include my website, which includes a tab with details on how individuals can help sponsor me as I train.  For those of you who don’t know–or haven’t been following– skeleton is an expensive sport, and our federation is underfunded.  As a National Team athlete, I received a small stipend last season to help defray cost.  Don’t get me wrong- I am incredibly grateful for the assistance I received, but it was just enough to cover my round-trip ticket overseas including my luggage.  That’s it.  No housing, no training or race fees….not to mention that was only the FIRST HALF of my tour.

To be fair, I diiiiiid post my website on my blog the very night I had met them like they asked me to (like I promised guys!).  However, I didn’t post it in the most accessible spot.  I linked it on the “About Me” tab on my blog.  To make it easier to find, here is a link to my website:

Feel free to check my site out….I created the site and content myself using a template on Wix and if you are able, I appreciate any donation no matter the size.  Located under the Donate tab are the different ways you can help support me, even a tax deductible method!

And to the Lacrosse gentleman….thank you again for your humor and interest in myself and my sport.  I had an awesome time taking care of all of you and really appreciate when tables are fun, witty and aren’t afraid to give me a hard time!  THANKS!


Sundays are Fun-days

Ahhh Sunday.

I look forward to Sunday’s at the start of every week and watch them zoom by when they finally get here.  No training and finally, due to a new work schedule, no work!  I now have Sundays and Mondays off and I couldn’t be happier.

I slept in (eek!) until 9:00ish this morning and after breakfast, laid outside and read my kindle while listening to Imagine Dragons Pandora radio station for about an hour and a half. It. was. awesome.


View at Lake Placid Beach

After lunch, I hung around in my room relaxing until my roommate Meghan and I decided it was time for an ice cream treat.  We went to Ben & Jerry’s downtown and sat by Mirror Lake chowing down on some serious ice cream cones. 

Anyway, tomorrow brings on another week of workouts and another week of challenges.  Our weights sessions this week are at the highest work load we’ll see this block, and the sprint sessions have definitely been amped up too.  In addition to sprints we’re also pulling sleds and pushing prowlers, which means we’re spent before we ever see the weight room!

As much as I needed this recovery day (and the sleeping in!) I do feel guilty that I didn’t get as many errands done today as I would have liked.  I know I need time to wind down- especially given how hard I work the other 6 days!- but I also have a to-do list that feels like it’s a mile long and I just keep adding to it.  Oh well, I’ll just have to conquer that another day!

Thanks for following!