Happy Camper

It’s been a pretty good day.

For the first time in weeks, I slept in!  Well, that’s a relative term.  I was still up at my normal waking hour, but convinced myself to stay in bed longer.  Either way, we’ll chalk it up to a win.  My roommate Meghan and I continued the great morning and made some amazing gluten-free blueberry pancakes.  Seriously, they were awesome and were made with greek yogurt (so that makes them healthy). YUM! 

Although we only get NBC in the OTC, I was able to catch quite a bit of Olympic coverage today which has been great.  I had to work during the opening ceremonies so it’s exciting (and relaxing!) to be able to sit down and watch.  I got a serious stretching/roll out session in during the Men’s Beach Volleyball match so I was good about getting some recovery in today as well.

After dinner I got to thinking that I should probably update my blog.  Hence, this very blog post.  Apologies for it being photo-less, but at least I got something posted!

Now, before you think, “Wow, she seems to have quite the amount of free time….how come she hasn’t updated her blog more often?” let me explain.  Today was a rarity, but was much needed.  I haven’t had any free time essentially since arriving in Lake Placid, but here’s a look at what a typical day looks like.  This should help you understand why I haven’t updated recently and why nap-time usually overrides blog update time:

7:45am-  Wake Up & Breakfast
8:20am-  Start Warm Up
9am(ish)-  Plyos and 1st Weights Session
10:00am-  Sprint Session
11:15am-  Lunch
12:00pm-  Recovery
1:15pm-   2nd Weights Session
2:30pm-  Shower/Snack/Recovery
4:00-11:00pm-  Work

When I say work, I don’t mean a nice desk job where I can sit and attempt to recover from the day’s exertions.  I happen to serve at The Dancing Bears, a restaurant on Main Street, Lake Placid and it is always packed.  So I go to work and run around for about 6-8 hours in the evening.  Not so great for recovery.   However, skeleton is an expensive sport and if I want to realize my dream of competing in the Games, I’ve got to fund my season somehow.  But if you know any potential sponsors who want to help, I’m always up for suggestions!!  Which reminds me, I am working with one potential sponsor right now, the details are still to be worked out, but more to come on that later when it’s finalized!

Needless to say, if I find anytime in that schedule (as in, I finish a lift early) I’m napping.  Case closed.  Sometimes I literally don’t have the mental capacity to update my blog and I don’t want to post some incoherent nonsense and have all my friends and family thinking I’ve lost my mind.  

So anyway, that’s my update and a small glimpse into my day-to-day.  There’s far more usually packed into my schedule but it can change pretty quickly, so I’m learning to adapt and go with the flow and trying very hard to leave my “Type A: Planner” personality at the door.  Well, I won’t ever be able to leave it behind, but I’m keeping it in check.  Some things never change!

Until next time!