End of Season/Summer Update

Sorry for the hiatus!

It’s been busy since my return home mid-March (eek! so long ago!) but the main reason I haven’t updated in so long mainly comes down to laziness.  Thank God that trait really only refers to my blogging vs. training!

Okay, so here’s the low-down as detailed but as succinct as possible:

Women’s Podium at Nationals

1.  My season finished up in March, a week after U.S. National Championships.  I placed 2nd at Nationals this year, and as much as I’d love to attribute that to superb sliding, it was also because several of the female World Cup sliders opted not to participate this year.  Overall I’m pleased to end on such a high note and the result has me excited for next season.  To the right is a photo of Meghan Sullivan (to my left) and Megan Henry (to my right/also an AUFH’er!) who placed third and first respectively.

2. Upon returning home, I’ve been training and working again at Kyma & Johnny’s.  I’m fortunate to have such awesome employers who get me hours while I’m home and are so understanding when I need time off or need to leave for the skeleton season.  Training has been going really well, but has also been very hard on my body.  I’ve been visiting Dr. Lausch- my chiropractor- and Gabbi Warner- an incredible massage therapist- often in order to keep me up and running.  Thanks to them, I’m feeling strong and healthy!

3.  Current living situation– this is where it got tricky (and why I haven’t updated).  I applied for housing in Lake Placid back in March and finally found out yesterday that I acquired residency!  Initially housing in Lake Placid was set to begin in May, but a few policy changes backed the date up to June 1st, and therefore backed up the date when we would know if we were granted housing.  Therefore I’ve been living in limbo for the past 2 months waiting for news of my living situation.  So I’ve spent this time in Denver, Pa working and training!  Fortunately I’ve been receiving workouts from my trainers in LP despite living at home and the Body Zone has been gracious enough to give me a free membership to use their facilities to train, so it’s been a good system.  I’ll make my way up to Lake Placid around June 8th and will remain up there for the remainder of the summer and into the start of team trials in October.

Well, I think that sums up the current sitch for the time being.  I promise I’ll be better at updating over the course of the summer as to how my training is going as well as any other fun exploits I find myself in.  Thanks for following, and as always, I’m continually searching for sponsors to assist me in achieving my dream of someday competing in the Olympics.  If you (or someone you know!) are able to donate in order to help me realize these dreams, please contact me at:  savannah.graybill@gmail.com.  I appreciate any help that I can get!