Are we sure it’s fall?

Because it is like, 30 degrees outside. It’s a little ridiculous. I came up here and wasn’t ready to see trees changing (and yes, they already are up here) and now it’s starting act like winter! What have I gotten myself into?

Anyway, I have push training today at 11:15am…it’ll be a super light session with just a few pushes for technique. I have to lift this afternoon, spend some time in the recovery room in the ice bath and then relax for the rest of the night until the competition tomorrow.

And by the way, sorry for the lack of video/photo updates…I left my handy-dandy flip-cam at home so I haven’t been able to record anything. Sorry!  I’ll make sure to update tomorrow after the competition at 10am!


Good News!

So we don’t think the hand’s broken! Hooray!

I went back to the trainer this morning (her name is Karen, and she’s awesome) and we checked things out and it felt pretty good so I was allowed to do some push training today. I took 4 runs today….a warm-up and then 3 “real” pushes. I didn’t go 100% but I did push pretty hard. My hand didn’t give me too much trouble so I’m pleased.

After push training and a short lift (I couldn’t do a whole lot of the exercises because of my hand) I did a contrast bath, showered and called it a day. My legs/hips/butt are pretty sore and tired from Monday’s push training and lift so hopefully the contrast bath will help to alleviate some of that tiredness and soreness.

Anyway, tomorrow I’ll complete a quick tempo workout and I’m thinking about going out to the track for some light push training, but I also want to give myself some time to recover, so we’ll see.

Thanks for checking in!

Push Champs Day 1


Okay, so today was an eventful day…and not necessarily in a good way. Woke up this morning feeling pretty good, caught some breakfast in the cafeteria (where they weren’t cooking omelettes this morning, must have been an omen!) and got ready to head to the push track for training.  A bunch of us went over while others were taking the combine.

Warmed up and took some pushes which felt slightly awkward at first having to adjust to the push sled and pushing for the first time in a while but it was ok.  I took my final and sixth run of the day and that’s when things kind of went wrong.

Once you hit the end of your run, a wire stops the sled and sends you backward on the track. You ride on the sled backwards and back up to the start so that you can get off of sled and give it to the next person. Once I start to go backwards, I pull my hands from my side and put them up front and underneath my chest while I ride backward. When I went to move my right hand up and underneath of me, I hit a metal piece attached on the side of the sled with my right hand.

Long story short, it’s still up in the air as to whether or not I’ve broken my hand.

Right now, I’m just really mad and upset.  It’s a really stupid injury and I think my ego hurts just as much as my hand.  I mean, who does that?

Anyway, I meet with the trainer again tomorrow who will decide whether or not I need to get x-ray’s tomorrow.  At this point, I’d rather just get them so that I know either way. If it’s not broken, I have no problem sucking it up and getting it taped and competing.  But if it’s broken, I just want it to be fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible so that I’m prepared for team trials come fall.

I’ll update tomorrow and let you know how things go! Pray for no broken bones!

Bingo News and Thank Yous

I want to take the beginning of this entry to thank a few individuals.  First of all, a huge thanks goes out to Unruh Insurance and Boose Aluminum, two local businesses who were gracious enough to send me donations to assist me in my upcoming season. THANK YOU!

If you don’t know already, my family & friends and I are hosting a Vera Bradley & Longaberger Basket Bingo Night on Sunday October 2nd at the Amvets in Ephrata. Doors open at 11:30am for food, and games begin at 1pm.  If you are free that afternoon, PLEASE contact me and order a ticket and spread the word! The more people that show up, the greater a success the event will turn out.  We have tons of awesome prizes (and I helped pick out the Vera bags, so you just know they’re cute) so please come out and show your support!

In other news, I leave on Sunday for Lake Placid for a week for Push Championships.  For those who don’t know, Push Champs is a competition where all the sliders are timed on their starts.  The sled is rigged on wheels to fit on a track, almost like a roller coaster. It’s the most real simulation we have to an actual start on the ice, so it’s good practice. They have a race at the end of the week to see who has the fastest push.  After that, I’ll come home and continue to train until the track opens up and team trials start in October.  I leave for LP for good on October 9th, and training begins on the 10th. I’m super excited!

Until then, I’ll be sure to post during Push Champs. Please, PLEASE spread the word about my bingo night.  Email me at: or find me on Facebook to order tickets!!