The Results

Sorry for the delay, but time was not my own following testing and today was spent push training and then on the road trying to get home (which took forever if you wanted to know).

The lifting portion of the test finished out okay. I cleaned 65 kg and had a great attempt at 67.5 kg that I all but had.  I finished with squatting 107.5 kg… I would have moved up to 110 kg and gotten it, but I wouldn’t have gotten any extra points.  So I moved up to 115 kg to try and get the extra point, but ended up missing the attempt, so 107.5 it was.

Overall, I think I ended up with about a 650 on the combine which means I’ve passed and I am awarded my funding and can continue to slide; however, I was aiming for 700 points this go round so I’m disappointed that it didn’t go my way.

I also found out that….drum roll please….that I’m invited to team trials! Hooray!  Because I competed this past season in an America’s Cup race (and medaled!) I’m invited, so that took a little stress off that I can now plan accordingly for October.  For now, it’s back to training, working and fundraising!

Again, if you would like to donate, or know anybody that would like to help financially assist me, you can donate via the button on the side of my blog, or in a tax-deductible option through the USBA.  Email me at: for more information about how you can make a tax-deductible donation!



Does that convey my frustration well enough?

So the sprints didn’t go so well….I still made points from the chart, but I was faster the last time I took the combine.  So my sprint points are a lot lower from last year. This doesn’t even say it enough, but I’m pissed.

I’m not sure where things went wrong…I trained hard, I rested before the testing, ate a good breakfast and I even felt pretty good this morning as I warmed up and prepared.  My nagging hamstring even took a break from hurting, which was really exciting. I fully expected my times to reflect these good vibes but instead, the Karma Gods (that’s who I’m blaming) stepped in and halted the process.

Anyway, despite my seemingly God-awful times, I did significantly improve on my broad jump (up to 2.65 from 2.4) and my shot toss (an 11.90 from a 10.80) so luckily those improvements helped to even out my sprint scores.

In about an hour I have to go down for the lifting portion of the test, and I while I wasn’t nervous for it earlier this morning, I am now. I will pass the combine, so it’s not that I’m freaking out because of that.  I’m anxious now because I don’t want my overall score to reflect poorly on me.  The combine has nothing to do with sliding, and I keep telling myself that.  However, I can’t help but let my mind think that my score could hurt me when it comes to push championships and ultimately, team trials.  I have so much more to offer than what my score will reflect.

Well, that’s the update for now. I’ll let you all know how lifting goes once it’s done.  Please send me any well-wishes or words of encouragement you may have to offer….I’m a little down on myself and really need them this time!

Testing Day

It’s finally here! (whether I’m ready or not!)

I’ll be in the second group today with all the female bobsled/skeleton athletes at the track around 10:30am.  I’ll be heading out in about 20 minutes with some of the girls to start warming up in this glorious weather. It’s currently 60 degrees outside and although the humidity will be around 83%, that won’t be til later. I’m psyched!

Anyway, I’m most nervous for the sprinting portion of the test because that’s the area I have the most to improve in, but also the portion that I haven’t been able to time or measure during the summer, so I have no idea where I’m at. The lift should stay about the same, maybe I’ll lose a point or two, but that’s nothing in the grand scheme of things. Luckily, the sprint is in the morning, so I’ll be able to knock that right out of the way early.

I’ll update later on the results!