4 days and counting…

…And I’m seriously about to pee my pants!  The D-day for my combine testing is coming upon me and I’m kinda freakin’ out.  I know I have nothing to worry about– I know I’ll at least pass the testing (meaning I’ll get my 600 points and funding from the USBSF).  However, being the innately and overly competitive person I am, I want to crush this testing and solidify my spot.

I’m nervous for a few reasons.  Firstly, I coached a field hockey camp at Princeton University this past week and holy crap, it was hot. I mean, like lay awake at night feeling like you’re dying of heat stroke, hot.  Needless to say, the intensely hot temperatures and lack of sleep in un-air conditioned dorm rooms led me to lose 5 lbs in a matter of 4 days.  I got home Friday afternoon and worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.  So not only am I 5 lbs lighter, I’m exhausted.  I’ve been having a tough time recovering from camp and being on my feet every night for hours on end and it’s making me second guess my strength and speed.

I feel like I’ve lost a little bit of my strength dropping the weight so quickly, but I don’t want to try and put the weight back on just to put it back on–  I still need to be able to move.  And the rest of my body is still protesting anytime I try to work out.  See the dilemma?

Anyway, I’m excited to visit with some of my teammates who will be coming up for this combine.  I miss my skeleton family!  I can’t believe it’s been since the beginning of April since I’ve been up in Lake Placid and hung out with these people literally every day.  It’ll be a nice little vacay from the stresses of working and fundraising.  Speaking of, if you want to donate to help lighten the load, use the donation button at the side of my blog! 🙂

Being that it’s late, I should probably get to bed now. I’ll make sure to update following the testing!