Video Update!

It seems like June is flying by even faster than May! Eeek!

Training has been going well, I feel like I’m getting stronger and I’m injury free which is AWESOME.  I had some bloodwork done a week ago (at which I cried the entire time…I’m pretty sure the nurse thought I was a wuss…I guess she doesn’t understand a needle-phobe when she sees one) and got the results back.  With the results, I’ve gotten a new and improved diet and some supplements to aid the process. Thanks Dr. Lausch!

In about two weeks I’ll leave for a 10 day vacay in Stone Harbor, New Jersey with my family and I can’t wait. Stone Harbor is one of my favorite places and we’ve been vacationing there since as long as I can remember. About two and a half weeks after my vacation, I’ll make the long drive up to Lake Placid in August for my combine test.  This time frame freaks me out a little because it means that the off-season is quickly dwindling away and the next skeleton season will be upon me.  I hope I’m prepared!

Here are two videos from my lifting sessions at the Ephrata Rec Center. Dr. Lausch has been helping me perfect my form so that not only can I lift more, but also with less of a detriment to my body.  My form is not perfect, but it’s getting better and we’ve made some strides.


Happy June!

It seems crazy that May is over and the summer season has begun!

May was spent working, searching for a second job (still no luck!), reading and most importantly, training!  I spent a lot of May reading literature revolving around a new training protocol that I’m pretty excited about.  My chiropractor, Dr. Lee Lausch of proACTIVE Pain Relief and Wellness, is the one who turned me onto it and I think it will produce some awesome results without the ill effects of overtraining.  I’ll explain in a later post what the new regime actually involves once I have some video to show…but trust me, it’s intense!

I’m currently reading a book about The Paleo Diet, which I’m interested in trying.  No, I’m not trying to lose weight.  I’m looking for a addition to my already healthy lifestyle that will enable me to train harder to get stronger and faster as efficiently as possible.  I’m about half-way in, but I’m learning a lot and I’m excited to see what transitions I can make to aid my training.

Anyway, it’s time for a little sun action (because it’s 90 degrees outsideeee) and summer reading. Next post will have videos, promise!