May better be real freaking pretty…

Since April was a month of NON STOP rain (minus maybe 2 beautiful, sunny 80 degree days?) all I’m saying is that May better be hot, sunny and full of flowers. Otherwise I may explode.

Anyway, the past month has been spent working out, working, trying to find a second job so I can afford next skeleton season and conditioning the Cocalico Girls Lacrosse team. Easter and my birthday followed at the end of the month and in less than a week, my twin brother Donald will graduate from college. Woah!

Needless to say, it’s been fairly busy, which is why this is my first update in a month!

So, while we’re here, here are a few life lessons I learned while I spent my winter in Lake Placid:

1. Cold is a relative term. For example, it dipped down to as cold as -36 degrees (and no, that’s not the wind chill, it’s the temperature).  You know you’ve hit an all time low when a few days later, you think that 15 degrees is actually “warm.”

2. Don’t underestimate the small curves on the track. I’ve seen numerous teammates flip their sled in Curve 2 (probably the smallest turn on the track) and I’ve almost biffed it every other run in Curve 18. I like to call them ferocious.

3. The metric system is a pain in my ass. Everything revolving the sport is measured in kilos and temperatures are referred to in degrees Celcius. Learning kilos hasn’t been terribly awful to remember, but Celcius ain’t easy.

4.  State workers in the Adirondacks are far superior at snow removal than those in Pennsylvania. We’ve had numerous snowstorms blow throw, many that dumped well over a foot of snow in Lake Placid….yet the next morning, the main roads were miraculously clear.  It’s awesome. And so is all-wheel drive.

5.  Cars will break at the most inconvenient times.  The driver side window to my car decided to break the night before a race day. And the spark plugs? Yeah, they blew it the week of National Championships.  Skeleton is already an incredibly mental sport, so let’s just throw a couple extra distractions in there too. Thanks Ford.

6. Living and training in Lake Placid is exactly like being in college: You live in a dorm, eat in a cafeteria, see the same people every day, go out every weekend and try not to piss off the Resident as your drunk friends scream throughout the hallways.