I made the podium!

On race days (with the exception of World Champs and the Olympics) you get to trips down the track, with the individual with the two fastest combined times getting the win.  My first run I posted a PR downtime of 56.82, putting me in fourth place for the second heat. I was pretty stoked considering it didn’t feel very fast at all! My second run wasn’t quite as smooth, especially since I hit the left wall out of the groove before even entering Curve 1! I was a little mad. The second run was clean until the Chicane, but at that point there was no catching up for the time I scrubbed before Curve 1 and I ran a 57.99 (really not good!).  Despite that mistake, it was still enough to make my first ever podium in 6th place!  Below are videos of my start….I’ll make sure to get some other photos posted as soon as I can!

Here’s a video of the start from my first run:

And here’s the start from Run 2: