And the verdict is…


….to be honest, today didn’t go so well. Despite waking up and feeling better than I did last night, it still wasn’t quite well enough. My warm up went okay, I felt well-rested and flexible and ready, but when it came down to completing the various tests, I felt weak despite giving my best efforts. The sprinting, jumping and throwing all came up just slightly worse than my first combine.

The upside was that the lifting portion went well. I cleaned 65 kg and squatted 110kg. I was able to nap and grab some food and rest before that portion came up. However, even though that went well it certainly wasn’t enough to make up for essentially shooting myself in the foot earlier in the morning.

Anyway, Coach Owens talked to us after he scored our tests and told us that we will still have a lot of opportunities to slide during the season, beginning October. All that this test means is that we can’t stay for the week and compete in Push Championships, which gives the coaches a better look at us. We can still be asked to come up to LP and out to Park City to race, it’ll just be a little more last minute now. Coach was excited that we chose to try and come back and compete so hopefully we’ll be getting that call sooner rather than later.

Katie and I will be making our way back home tomorrow morning since it was too late to try and leave once all the testing was over. It looks like I’ll be back to hitting the weights and sprinting. In addition to Bobsled, I’m working on trying out for the skeleton team, so either way I will find a sliding home! (<–That’s me trying to be super positive since I’m really ticked I didn’t perform today)



Today’s the day…in about 10 minutes I’ll leave for the track to warm up for the first part of the combine test and I couldn’t be more nervous/anxious! This time around I absolutely HAVE to hit my 600 points or I can’t stay for the week. Talk about pressure, huh?

I’m feeling a lot better today than I did yesterday…for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been battling a cold for the past few days and yesterday it finally moved from my throat to my head which was unpleasant to say the least. But, a good night’s sleep and some ibuprofen have definitely helped.

Wish me luck! Combine starts at 9:30am, lifting portion at 1pm!