So, training has been going well. I had a rough couple of days last week because I had gotten really sick the week previous and I couldn’t work out. Needless to say, it was tough getting back into the swing of things, but it’s all good now. I did lose a little bit of weight while sick so I got set back in that regard but I guess I’ll have to step up the eating! That’s probably the most frustrating part of all of this. I can sprint, I can lift, and I can eat all I want, but I continue to struggle gaining weight.  I guess it’s time to really employ the protein shakes more than I have already.

For a news update, I am going up to Lake Placid for my combine testing on August 22-25. If I test well, they’ll invite me back for push championships in September. Fingers crossed! Also, my twin Donald has some exciting news! Don went up in the middle of June and tested out for the skeleton team. He tested well enough and was invited back for push championships for skeleton! So proud! 🙂

Before we part, you absolutely HAVE to take a look at this video. I’m a big fan of Stephen Colbert and this is just hilarious.


Thanks for checking in!