It’s pseudo-summer time in Pa!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve updated, but here’s the scoop:

I am currently home for the summer…I am no longer living in the hermit house! For those of you who do not know, the hermit house was the nickname for the house that the AUFH seniors lived in. It’s really quite strange to just move out of a home I’ve lived in for two years….I’ve lived there longer than my current home in Pa!

Speaking of that house, I’m still adjusting. I still have no idea where anything is and I’m still trying to arrange my room and find a place for things. Not really on the top of my priority list.  I am also in search of a job.  I potentially have the opportunity to work at J.B. Dawsons, a really nice restaurant in Lancaster.  However, I still need to clear dates with them because I could potentially be gone for a month if things pan out with bobsled.

And now the real reason I started this blog; training is going really well. I feel like I’m getting stronger each week.  Jason Riddell, my strength and conditioning coach from American University, is such a huge help. He put together a workout for the first month of training for Katie and I. So if you get the chance to read this….thanks Jason! 🙂

I’m in the process of gaining the weight I need too (scary!) Today I weighed in at 156 lbs, which means I’ve gained about 4 pounds so far. I’m aiming for 165 lbs., so only 9 more pounds!

Next update I’ll make sure to include a video or pictures or something visual to document. Keep checking back…I love all of the support you’ve given!


It’s almost time…

…well, for graduation that is! But, because finals are over and I’m basically just chillin’ until graduation, it means I have plenty of time to finally really jumpstart the workouts for my tryout late summer. Yay!

Anyway, in this spare time I stumbled-upon a sweet mini-doc about the Science of Bobsled. Check out the YouTube Vid:

How cool!?