For those of you who just kind of stumbled upon this page, my name is Savannah and I’ll be graduating from American University in early May with a degree in broadcast journalism. While I’m super excited to move onto this next stage in my life, I’m just not quite ready to give up being an athlete yet.

I’ve played sports since I could walk and played on almost every athletic team I could. I went on to play field hockey at American University where I had a very successful career. As a forward, I finished 8th in career points at AU. Now I’m going to take a stab at bobsledding.

I’m using this blog to document my training, my thoughts throughout the process. I’ll train hard this summer and try to gain some weight come August for the Combine Testing in Lake Placid. If that goes well and I produce good times, I’ll be invited back for Push Championships. Here, I’ll get to learn how to push a sled. If this goes well, I get invited back for team trials where I would be paired up with a driver and race to make certain teams.

Basically, it’s going to be quite the process, but I’m excited to train again and potentially make it to Lake Placid, NY and then hopefully make the team! Wish me luck and keep checking back for updates, posts and videos!