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Update time!

Apologies on the delay, but immediately after our races in Whistler, B.C. we packed up and drove south to Seattle, as we were flying out the next morning to Salt Lake City, Utah for our final races in Park City.  Between the packing, driving, flying, driving again and getting our sleds situated for sliding the next day, I’ve been one busy gal.

Beautiful Whistler on our last race day.

Beautiful Whistler on our last race day.

Anyway, the results!

Whistler went very well for me, and I posted 8th place finishes in both races.  I was in contention for the podium both days, but several mistakes on my second run during the first race cost me that position.  On the second race day, I had a bad first run and the 4th fastest downtime on my second, which thankfully bumped me up several places (and I was .01 away from 7th place….ugh!).

Overall, I’m walking away from Whistler with a lot of confidence and some new huuuge PRs.  I took about six hundredths off my start time and nearly 2 seconds off of my best downtime from last year. We had great weather and some pretty rockin’ ice for our races and while I was a little bummed about missing the podium, I had a great time in Canada and I can’t be upset with my personal results.

The view outside of our condo. Photo courtesy of Allen Blackwell.

The view outside of our condo. Photo courtesy of Allen Blackwell.

Up next are my final races this Saturday and Sunday in Park City, Utah.  I’ve already had two days of super snowy training here which has made for some pretty interesting (and slow) downtimes.  As the photo depicts, Mother Nature needs to get it together so that we can have a good race day!

Thanks for following, say a few prayers and think fast thoughts as we approach race day! Cheers!

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